Kids Rock Studio is held at Mount Washington Studio which is a 1,000 square foot facility located atop the beautiful hills of Mount Washington, California. The studio space was carefully designed to create a flowing and warm atmosphere with an emphasis on comfort. It was specifically constructed to create a great “live” sound in a soothing atmosphere. The space was given tuning assistance from Herman Virgen. It is best suited for recording full bands to capture the magic that comes from band members playing compositions together. It features an 18′x18′ live tracking room with treated walls and birch paneling, a high beam vaulted 20’ceiling and 4 ISO booths. A separate, isolated control room with a private lavatory complete with a personal shower, overlooks the live tracking room. A private outdoor guest lounge allows a fresh air break from sessions and classes. The neighborhood boasts a scenic hiking trail and basketball court steps away at the quiet cul-de-sac. The hiking trail gives a person the opportunity to blend with nature and cleanse the mind to allow the creative juices to flow. No writers’ block here. Guest also have access to an outdoors deck complete with a private weight training/boxing gym to let off steam. If that is not enough then cool off after a long session in the private hot tub under a 100 year old California Oak Tree and watch the squirrels play. It is our belief in “giving back” that we are the home studio for this exciting new non profit organization and after school program.


Kids Rock Studio is all about having fun while learning in a safe environment. Kids will learn that every signal path in our studio hits either a warm tube or analog tape or both! We believe that there are inherent tones and a warmth that can only come from using tubes or analog tape. The classic music that stands the test of time was cut in analog studios before digital recording existed and became the norm. Most classic and timeless music was recorded on 4, 8, 16, or 24 track tape machines and when an edit was needed, editing was done by splicing analog tape. An art form that is mostly lost to using a mouse in the digital age! We have collected vintage gear (see equipment list below) and take this “Old School” analog approach at our studio but we also realize the advantages that digital, “New School” and that's where the learning gets a fresh new update to today’s cutting edge standards. We have embraced digital and will be teaching kids this vital tool, using the latest Pro-Tools 192HD3 to satisfy the demands of today and moving into the future. We use the marriage of both analog and digital formats to realize a final product that stands apart from those using only digital. The perfect blend of technologies to create classic music that is also preserved in a new digital world! Over the years, we have assembled an extensive list of vintage mics, vintage outboard gear, vintage analog equipment, and vintage instruments. We also want our kids to stay current and relevant in today's music landscape so we also have the latest state of the art digital gear including Pro-Tools 192HD3. We want them to be ahead of the pack as leaders, not followers!


The concept of musicians playing together to create a feel is missing in most of today’s music. We created a studio where the “vibe” and having fun is just as important as the equipment that is used. When the vibe is right, the time is right for recording. In today’s musical environment, digital recording can be done by just about anyone with a laptop or computer but classic music using vintage gear is becoming an art form of the past. Our vision is to teach kids the extreme importance of using vintage gear in the recording process and educating them on what our mentors from back in the day used to teach us! To create classic, original music! Let your child stand apart from the pack and blaze a new trail and create and have fun in the process. Who knows, your child could become the next American Idol or Recording Star!