Our Program

KIDS ROCK STUDIO is a non profit, after school, as well as, summer school program, targeting tech savvy youth who exhibit a passion for music. The 8 week course leads children through the songwriting, performing, engineering, recording, and production of an original song, from start to finish. The hands on classes are given by certified Pro-Tools Instructors from the music and recording arts who exhibit a passion for working with young students. At the conclusion of each course, each child will have their own original recorded song, engineered and produced with the help of the instructors. The kids will be shown how to set up their own personal You Tube page to upload their music to be heard by family, friends, and the rest of the world! The program will be tuition free and will only consist of a small materials fee to cover the cost of each student having their own personal Pro-Tools approved hard drive to store their music files. Healthy snacks will also be provided.

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