8 Week Course Curriculum

What We Offer

KIDS ROCK STUDIO will take kids from the inception of the songwriting process and work them through the performance, recording, and production of their own compositions. We will provide hands on Protools recording engineering education and instruction from certified Protools engineers. The music that each student creates will be professionally recorded by themselves. After successful course completion students will leave with the tools necessary to continue writing, performing, recording, and producing their own music, as well as, the music of their fellow music artists.

Each course will consist of three hours per day after school for a period of eight weeks. The summer program will consist of a three hour morning session and a three hour afternoon session, utilizing the same curriculum, for a period of eight weeks as well.  At the end of the course, students will have a professionally recorded, produced, mixed and mastered recording of their own original composition. Students will also have the opportunity to perform their own music in a music showcase for kids. Additionally, we will assist each student with setting up their own personal You Tube page to upload their original music, complete with obtaining the legal copyrights to promote their works.

An integral part of the course curriculum for KIDS ROCK STUDIO will be to instill the value of volunteering through Cedars Sinai Medical Center's Music For Healing program, culminating with a field trip to Cedars where they can witness first hand, the healing power of music.

Week 1- Assessment to determine level of computer and equipment knowledge with an introduction to studio production, studio equipment, studio etiquette, instrumentation introduction, and professional recording equipment.


Week 2- Start of songwriting of original material and concepts of basic songwriting, lyrics, hooks and melody. Background and education of past successful songwriters, songs, in the chosen genre of music.


Week 3- On going songwriting and tracking of original ideas showing production techniques in Pro-Tools, tracking using various microphones, direct signal paths and vocal techniques in the recording studio.


Week 4- Ongoing songwriting and honing in on ideas, overdubbing techniques, jamming with other musicians, collaborating with other students on ideas, and learning more about plug ins used in Pro-Tools.


Week 5- Ongoing songwriting and song structure ideas, tracking vocals, tracking background vocals, and any other added instruments on original composition in Pro-Tools.


Week 6- Editing original composition and using Pro-Tools techniques to edit and correct any mistakes, with an emphasis on using various plug ins to create a song structure and a rough mix of the composition.


Week 7- Final mixing of original composition to be available to be heard on all platforms of music.


Week 8- Mastering of final product and registration of original music. Uploading the music on iTunes and all music platforms for consumers to listen to or purchase. Setting up a personal You Tube page of each student to upload their music to be heard worldwide!